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About Us

Jun Wu, DDS, MSEE, PhD

Dr. Wu received his Bachelor’s degree from University of Science and Technology of China (中国科学技术大学) , He then went to U.S. and attended Purdue University in west lafayette, Indiana, where he completed a dual degree as Master of Science In Electrical and Computer Engineering and PhD in Biology.

After graduated from Purdue university, Dr.Wu worked as a reasearch scientist in San Antonio UT Health Science Center.

As the parent of a little dental patient, Dr. Wu realized how painful and frustrating for both young children and their parents. Dr. Wu decided to change his career path from a research scientist to a pediatric dentist. When he finished all the pre-requisit couses, Dr. Wu went to UT dental school in Houston. After four years of hard study and followed by two years of residency training in pediatric dentistry, he became a dentist specialized in infants, young children, and teens.

Dr. Wu likes to serve the local Asian community. During study in dental school, he was the community service chair person of AASDA (Asian American Student Dental Association) and organized the dental health fairs in Asian community including Houston Chinese Church, Hua Xia Chinese school, Tzu Chi Foundation, and HongKong Mall.